Supply, installation and commissioning of 35/10/0.4 kV equipment for the ORLOVKA WIND FARM

The project included:

– Supply, installation, and commissioning of 10 and 35 kV switchgear and auxiliary power supply transformers.
– Manufacturing of a differential protection cabinet for 35 kV switchgear busbars;
– Manufacturing of a DC power supply switchboard;
Manufacturing of the own needs switchboard and the power distribution switchboard based on Prisma P switchgears (Schneider Electric).

GHA 35kV switchgear (Schneider Electric) was supplied in Ukraine for the first time

This compact modular switchgear is designed for primary distribution and uses vacuum circuit breaker technology and SF6 busbar insulation. The cells are designed for a wide range of tasks and can operate in highly polluted environments.

  • Rated values up to 40.5 kV, 2500A, 40kA-3c;
  • Single or double bus;
  • Designed for flush-to-wall installation;
  • Easergy P3 digital protection and control system;
  • Intelligent SF6 Density Monitoring System (IDIS);
  • External and internal cable connection;
    Current and voltage transformer on the bus and cable side;
  • The GHA is available as a 1-2 phase solution for railroad applications.

MCset 10kV Switchgear

MCset cubicles are complete metal-clad switchgear, divided into compartments by metal earthed partitions. It is intended for the distribution of medium voltage power at HV / MV substations and high power MV / LV substations. The cubicle meets all the requirements of electrical networks up to 10 kV and combines a number of innovative solutions

Busbar differential protection cabinet

Contains a set of automatic devices designed to quickly detect faults on the busbars of a 35kV switchgear.


  • Modern protection devices are built on programmable microcontrollers and meet all up-to-date requirements: speed, selectivity, sensitivity, and reliability.
  • The following functions for ACS integration were provided: remote control, reading and changing settings, and reading data from the event recorder and alarm recorder.
  • MiCom P746 microprocessor protection terminal (Schneider Electric) is used for differential busbar protection

Modern protections based on Eaesergy P3 microprocessor devices (manufactured by Schneider Electric)

Easergy P3 have wide digital capabilities and protective functions for medium voltage electrical equipment.

Modern microprocessor protection based on MiCom P746 devices (manufactured by Schneider Electric)

  • Modern microprocessor protection based on MiCom P746 devices (manufactured by Schneider Electric)
  • Easergy MiCOM P746 numerical busbar protection provides centralized complete protection for all voltages levels up to extra-high voltage busbar configurations
  • Easergy MiCOM P746 has proven techniques and dynamic topology processing algorithms, that offer a combination of security, speed, and sensitivity.
  • With a typical operating time of 15 ms with the High Break High-Speed contact option or 19ms with standard contacts, the Easergy MiCOM P746 protection is one of the fastest in its class
  • Moreover, the trips can be synchronous or sequential,
  • dynamically changing substation topology of the busbar is displayed on any PC with the substation real-time dynamic monitoring tool.

Prisma P - simple, reliable, upgradeable solutions that meet all requirements

Using the Prisma P system, we assemble Schneider Electric “branded” switchboards, traditionally characterized by a high level of safety and optimization:

  • All components (switchgear, distribution blocks, prefabricated connection kits, etc.) are fully compatible and ready to work together.
  • All possible switchboard configurations, including the most complex ones, have been properly tested.
  • At any time, we can prove that our switchboard meets all the requirements of actual standards.
  • We create a reliable electrical installation and provide our customers with a total guarantee in terms of uninterrupted operation, the safety of people, and property.

DC Boards

Designed for the reception and distribution of electrical energy of operational direct current at power plants, transformer, and distribution substations, for powering operational circuits of relay protection circuits, automation, and emergency lighting.

  • DC circuits are powered through rectifier (recharging) devices such as Tebechop 3000 (Benning) from their own needs, as well as from a storage battery (AB). 
  • DC circuits are powered through rectifier (recharging) devices such as Tebechop 3000 (Benning) from their own needs, as well as from a storage battery (AB).
  • The switchboard also has an iso685 (Bender) insulation monitoring system and search for a damaged feeder, which constantly monitors the insulation resistance of the system and warns in advance about a decrease in insulation. In the event of an earth fault, the system identifies the bay number where the insulation fault occurred. The measurement results and all alarm events are displayed on the front panel of the device and are also transmitted to the control system via the Modbus RTU protocol.