Boiler room reconstruction of the oil extraction plant with expansion and installation of a turbogenerator with an electric capacity of up to 22 MW on the site of the existing meal composition

The result of the reconstruction

A thermal power plant with a turbine generator with an electric power of up to 22 MW is integrated into the technological process of the enterprise, with all auxiliary systems necessary to provide its operation, namely:

Boiler room:

  • Boilers No. 1 (Vyncke, Belgium) with a steam capacity of 38 t/h
  • Boiler No. 2 (Vyncke, Belgium) with a steam capacity of 38 t/h
  • Boiler electrostatic precipitator No. 1 (Scheuch, Austria)
  • Boiler electrostatic precipitator No. 2 (Scheuch, Austria)

Engine room:

  • Turbogenerator (MAN, Germany)
  • Dry Cooling Unit
  • Auxiliary equipment (inter-shop pipelines, valves, latches, pumps).

Husk transportation and storage area:

  • Husk storage silos
  • Transport equipment system (conveyors, valves, sluice gates, etc.).

Transformer substation and switchboard rooms:

  • 10 kV switchgear
  • 4 dry-type transformers with a capacity of 2500 kVA each
  • Emergency power supply system with diesel generator set 1460 kVA
  • Set of power switchboards
  • MCC and SCADA system

And also:

  • Administrative and household complex
  • Information communication systems (IP-telephony, computer units network )
  • Grounding and lightning protection systems


Our company performed the following engineering works:

  • Analysis of the general design documentation taking into account the documentation of third-party manufacturers of essential technological equipment (MAN, Vyncke, Scheuch), coordination of necessary adjustments and deviations from the project with the customer
  • Development of communication schemes of the enterprise and implementation of data exchange for the operation of all systems in a single complex
  • Design development of power switchboard equipment and process control system equipment
  • Design development of busbar trunking systemt
  • Development of software for controllers of automatic process control system
  • Development of SCADA system for operators’ workplaces
  • Software development and parameterization of relay protection and automation systems
  • Preparation of executive documentation

Supply, installation and commissioning of 10 kV power electrical equipment

Consisting of:

  • 10 kV Premset (Schneider Electric) switchgear
  • 4 dry transformers of 2500 kVA
  • Auxiliary power supply switchboards


And also:

  • Software development and parameterization of relay protection and automation systems.
  • Carrying out the necessary measurements and tests by own certified laboratory with the issuance of test certificates.
  • Commissioning of the power supply system in all operating modes

Supply, installation, and commissioning of 0.4 kV power electrical equipment

Consisting of:

  • Canalis (Schneider Electric) power busbars
  • Switchboards of Okken type (Schneider Electric)
  • MCC (Motor Control Center) switchboards of Okken type
  • Auxiliary panels (electrical distribution, lighting, pump control,  pumped out, etc.)
  • Eaton uninterruptible power supplies and battery panels
  • Safety switches for all electric drives

Supply of complex automation system equipment

Consisting of:

  • Control panels based on Siemens controller equipment.
  • Switchboards based on Schneider Electric equipment
  • Operator workstations based on Schneider Electric equipment
  • Control and measuring devices based on Siemens equipment.
  • Communication switchboards based on Cisco equipment.
  • Fiber optic and copper communication cable system
  • Software (Siemens)


And also:

  • Program development for controllers of technological and transport equipment management
  • Development of operators’ workplaces SCADA system
  • Organizations of communication networks
  • Execution of commissioning works

Development of SCADA system application software

  • Development of application software for the operator’s workstation (Siemens WinCC)
  • Modes of automatic and manual control of the whole complex and each unit of equipment
  • Construction of graphs and reports measuring the parameters of the complex
    (temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc.)
  • Archiving of the configured set of measured parameters and actions of operators

Installation and commissioning

  • In-plant cable networks and structures
  • Supply and installation of 10 kV cables and cable glands
  • Supply and installation of cable structures (OBO Betterman supplier)
  • Supply, installation, and connection of control cables (Lapp supplier)
  • Supply, installation, and connection of power cable (domestic production)
  • Carrying out complex commissioning of the entire plant in cooperation with specialists of the company’s suppliers of basic technological equipment (Vyncke, MAN).
  • Technical support and training of plant maintenance staff putting the facility into operation.