Electrical boards are the foundation of any modern power supply system. At CONCERN KSIMEX LTD we clearly understand that the final result will depend on the quality and configuration of their performance, compatibility with other elements or systems, correct installation and further operation.
We have been producing power distribution systems since 1991 and we are authorized manufacturers of switchboards Schneider Electric, one of the world leaders in the industry. During our work we have implemented more than 1200 projects for our customers, we have a deep and diverse experience in implementing typical tasks and also unique tasks.

Our electrical boards are based on existing constructs from Schneider Electric, such as Prisma, Spacial, Okken, etc. One of the key advantages of modern solutions is the modular type of placement of elements – on drawout unit. Today we offer our customers Okken panels as the basis for the implementation of panels with drawout units.

We can implement projects of any complexity and produce equipment with the characteristics necessary for the customer, up to unique samples or systems as result of work our engineers.