For more than 20 years CONCERN KSIMEX LLC independently produces electrical boards for industrial enterprises and the civil sphere. Today, more manufactured electrical equipment by our company is able to fully provide various electrical areas from power distribution to 7300A currents, to automation and control systems for intelligent buildings.

In addition to a wide product line, we guarantee the high quality of each element and the system as a whole.
All this is provided by several fundamental factors :

• Using as a base leading and reliable global manufacturers of electrical equipment, creating an individual product for each customer personally. Thanks to this approach, optimal functioning, cost, safety, and reliability parameters are provided.

• Using for all operations of only specialized tools and equipment corresponding to a particular technological operation. Using only high-quality equipment and materials is the key to reliability and survival.

• Continuous quality control. All components and especially finished products, throughout the entire period of being in the production line, are subject to mandatory testing and quality control. In addition, the company’s staff is involved in audits by Schneider Electric Company.

• Experienced and qualified staff. All our employees have the appropriate electrical engineering education, long-standing and a high degree of responsibility. The main staff of electrical employees directly involved in creating electrical boards for currents up to 7300A passed various training at enterprises and training centers in France.

Technical proficiency, experience, knowledge, and education suggest declaring that our company can guarantee the high assembly quality, installation, and further operation of all equipment companies produced delivered and assembled to the customer.