Often, our clients need not only to modernize or create a new power supply system for the facility but also to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. In some cases, there is also a need to improve the quality of the electricity itself.

To achieve these goals, Concern Ksimex LLC designs and implements guaranteed power supply systems.

There are 2 key areas: Diesel power plants and uninterruptible power supplies.

Quite often, equipment for both directions is installed as a single complex, since power outages are almost inextricably linked to its poor quality. For areas where continuity of operation is critical, this becomes a matter of primary necessity. Such a need exists in a wide range of organizations and institutions: from medical institutions to IT companies. However, there are cases where reputational damage from a sudden and prolonged power outage can cause indirect but comparable damage. Therefore, among our clients, there is a hotel business, retail chains, and similar structures.

Modern diesel power plants from leading manufacturers have a wide range of functions, power parameters, and a high level of automation. Thanks to many years of experience, our specialists are able to determine what type of station is needed for a particular facility, make calculations and install it. With the appropriate configuration, the station will be completely autonomous and notify itself of the operating parameters, including the need for maintenance work.

Uninterruptible power supplies are also powerful and have configuration flexibility. For example, with the ability to connect additional battery modules, we can provide additional hours of battery life to a diverse range of consumers, from local workplaces to data centers.

In combination with diesel power plants, UPSs are able to guarantee the safety of equipment, protect against information loss, interruption of the technological process, monitor and compensate for power quality deficiencies, notify the operator of problems or system needs.