Automation level of both industrial and civil systems, which a person interacts with, is growing every day.
Now it becomes possible to monitor almost any parameter of the functioning of the production line, personnel behavior, characteristics of the working environment, power sources, material costs, etc. with the development of hardware and software.

Of course, with the growing amount of data analyzed, it necessary need arises processing, systematization, and visualization capabilities.

In addition to interactive monitoring of the condition of the equipment and the entire whole system, it is often necessary to predict parameters such as equipment wear, resource limits, and changes in the effectiveness of the process, etc.

Modern automation systems successfully cope with those tasks.

CONCERN KSIMEX LLC pays great attention to the automation and modernization of existing asset controlling systems.

In particular, food industry industrial enterprises often require deep modernization of their facilities.

We arise the installation of automation individual elements systems, as well as the engineering, installation, and settings of large systems (from the individual production line to entire factories) aimed at solving various tasks of our customers from a variety of fields from industrial enterprises to the hotel business objects, including intelligent building management systems.