Electrical distribution switchboards for the yacht

The project included manufacturing of an electrical switchgear in accordance with the requirements of the Italian Maritime Shipping Register (Registro Italiano Navale – RINA).

Main Low Voltage Distribution Board (LVDB)

The switchboard was designed in strict accordance with the customer specification, which included accordance with requirements of the Italian Maritime Shipping Register, as well as taking into account limited space.

LVDB consists of two sections – 400V section and 400/220 / 24V distribution section with motor starters.

LVDB provides:

  • receiving power from two main diesel generators
  • receiving shore power 380V 50Hz
  • power distribution, outgoing lines protection
  • 24V DC power distribution
  • metering and control functions (in the scope of requirements of IMSR for automation class A3 vessels), indication and signalization

The features of the switchboard are:

  • thorough and verified study of technical specification
  • high-quality assembly in accordance with Customer’s requirements;
  • high density of equipment layout in switchboards
  • live parts protection against finger contact
    control and measuring devices, pilot lights;
  • Frer, Schneider Electric, Siemens components have certificates and approvals from marine classification communities
  • engraved components’ labels