Concern Ksimex LLC (Odesa), established at the end of the last century, has been demonstrating consistently high quality indicators for its products and services for the third decade already and is the leader in the production of low-voltage complete equipment in the south of Ukraine.

  • Promotion of the company
  • The Administration of CONCERN KSIMEX LLC decided to start cooperation with Schneider Electric Company, the world leader in production of electrical equipment, and in the same year the company becomes its official distributor (certificate No. DO 09-1998)
  • The Mykolaiv branch office was opened and the first complex solutions were implemented in marine shipbuilding and the food industry areas
  • The company became an authorized manufacturer of electrical switchboards based on Schneider Electric technologies (No. PB 2002-02) and obtained status of an honorary member of “Prisma Club”. Also, the company’s products and its production were certified by the Shipping Register of Ukraine
  • CONCERN KSIMEX LLC obtained a legal status of Lapp official partner.
  • The company has implemented a quality management system, been certified for compliance with the standard ISO 9001: 2001
  • CONCERN KSIMEX LLC obtained a legal status of Rittal official partner
  • The company obtained a legal status of Schneider Electric official partner in the area of Building Management Systems Integrators. Specialization: TAC Intelligent Building and Smart Home (KNX)
  • The Donetsk branch office was opened
  • CONCERN KSIMEX LLC obtained a legal status of APC Schneider Electric official partner
  • CONCERN KSIMEX LLC became Schneider Electric authorized partner to assemble, tedt and sell type Okken systems in accordance with the technical specification of Schneider Electric Company
  • The company obtained a legal status of Weidmuller official partner
  • The company obtained the status of the official supplier from State Enterprise NAEC Energoatom.
  • A new activity – the electricity laboratoty was created. According to the results of the audit from the SE Odesa Standard Metrology our laboratory was aknowledged to comply with ISO 10012: 2005
  • CONCERN KSIMEX LLC obtained a legal status of Benning official partner
  • We obtained a legal statuses:
    • Schneider Electric System Integrator in Industry
    • Schneider Electric certified EcoXpert partner in the area of building management systems(BMS and KNX systems)
    • OBO Bettermann partner
  • Opening of a new warehouse with the implementation of a WMS system for managing the supply, storage and distribution processes.
  • Implementation of licensed software in our projects:
    • Rockwell Automation (Control Logic and FactoryTalk SCADA system)
    • Autodesk, Inc. (AUTODESK REVIT MEP)
  • • Own production of distribution cells of KZO type for voltage 6, 10, 20, 35 kV
    • Implementation of licensed software by Emerson (DeltaV SCADA system) in our projects
  • Received the status of the official representative of DEIF in Ukraine


  • Individual approach to the client
  • Integrated turn-key solutions
  • Service and Technical Support
  • Production capacities
  • Highly qualified employee
  • Choosing a reliable suppliers
  • Reliability and failsafe operation
  • Production quality control

All our products is made in accordance with UA Technical Requirements 31.2-31170127-001-2004, fully meets the requirements of the Rules for the Design and Operation of Electrical Installations and the international standard IEC 60439-1 (GOST-22789-94) and provides:

  • Power distribution;
  • Devices and systems control
  • Power monitoring
  • Outgoing line protection
  • Service Staff Safety
  • Operation Reliability with low maintenance needs