Electrical distribution devices supplied to ships can be of different types and perform different tasks, namely:
  • Main switchboards - incoming and distribution of electricity from main, reserve and shore sources in automatic and manual mode;
  • Emergency distribution boards - incoming and distribution of electricity from an emergency source in the absence of power from other sources;
  • District distribution boards - incoming and distribution of electricity from main, reserve and coastal sources as part of the district distribution board;
  • Parking generator panel - incoming and distribution of electricity when the vessel is parked from a separate parking generator;
  • Charge-discharge boards - connection to the ship's power supply system of battery batteries;
  • Power panels from the shore - connecting the shore source to the vessel;
  • Main engine shields - control of the main engine of the ship;
  • Distribution boards and power panels, and other secondary distribution boards.
The main differences between marine execution and “shore” execution are:
  • The need to take into non-standard environmental conditions, which leads to ensure the resistance of switchgears to vibrations, very low or high temperatures, aggressive environment, high humidity, etc.
  • Different circuit solutions of input nodes. This is connected with power supply sources - on the shore, these are usually transformers or transformer substations, and on ships - diesel generators, inverters. This greatly complicates the power supply management system, since in addition to connecting / disconnecting the source, it is necessary to provide: redundancy, parallel operation, load distribution, start and stop of the diesel generator, and all this in manual and automatic mode. .
  • Schematic solutions, due to the need to comply with the supervisory authorities for which the ship is being built. These can be state registers, such as the Register of Ukraine or global ones - Lloyd's Register of Shipping, BUREAU VERITAS, Rina, DNV, etc.


Concern Ksimex LLC has many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high-quality switchboard equipment of marine execution according to individual orders. We supplied equipment to more than 30 vessels of various classes: tugboats, luxury yachts, floating cranes, floating docks, oil collectors, hydrographic vessels, offshore stationary pumping oil platforms, etc.


In the manufacture of electrical panels, we use high-quality electrical equipment of well-known manufacturers: circuit breakers, contactors, push buttons, switches, pilot lights by Schneider Electric, measuring and control devices by Deif, Selco, copper products by Erico etc. In particular, Rittal cabinets and accessories. This product has proven itself well, has a wide range of dimensions and accessories, as well as certificates of many supervisory authorities.


The experience of the specialists of our production department in the manufacture of marine boards allows for a number of inspections and tests to ensure the quality and reliability of the manufactured distribution devices. Also, our experts visit the installation, carry out the commissioning of the distribution devices supplied by us, which reduces the time of these works.