It is difficult to imagine modern production without automation equipment. Concern Ksimex has extensive experience in the implementation of such tools and systems at various enterprises in Ukraine and is ready to offer a wide range of solutions, including the development of an individual project for any customer requirements.

Automation panels are most often used on the following types of objects:
  • grain elevators,
  • oil extraction plants,
  • lines of granulation, tableting at pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • dairies;
  • oil producing stations;
  • ore and coal transshipment stations;
  • pumping stations;
  • lines for washing, filling drinks, labeling, packaging of finished products;
  • energy accounting systems and many others.
All of them require solving the following tasks:
  • tracking the values ​​of temperature, pressure, level, flow rate, mass, etc.
  • regulation of the specified values ​​according to the instructions from the operators;
  • control of conveyors, pumps, servo drives, product feed valves, robotic manipulators, vision systems in automatic mode with minimal participation of service personnel;
  • mixing ingredients according to a given recipe, as well as prompt change of recipes;
  • warning signaling in case of parameters going beyond the warning values;
  • alarm in case of leakage, overflow, overheating, etc.
  • blocking of equipment operation in case of values ​​exceeding critical values;
  • archiving of parameter values, as well as actions of service personnel;
  • providing access to operational and archived data to personnel with different access levels (operator, technologist, shift foreman, chief power engineer, technical director, quality director, general director), including remotely via the Internet;
  • generation of reports and graphs on performance, energy consumption, etc. with data sampling for an arbitrary period of time (hour / day / month / year, etc.);
  • formation of messages about the state of equipment by means of SMS, e-mail messages;
  • management of entire workshops, sections, divisions.
Concern Ksimex provides a full cycle of development and installation of automation systems, including:
  • research of the customer's object,
  • discussion and formation of technical specifications, taking into account the characteristics of each specific production,
  • formation of recommendations for the effective and safe implementation of the automation system
  • design,
  • installation (or installation supervision) at the Customer's site,
  • system commissioning,
  • execution of all necessary tests (with documentary evidence of the results),
  • training of operators and maintenance personnel and transfer of the system to the customer.


Boards and control systems for grain elevators

Grain elevator control complexes include:
  • boards with controllers and distributed peripherals (input / output modules),
  • power distriburion boards (MCC boards),
  • operator workstations

Pumping station control panels

Pumping station control panels include:
  • frequency converters for controlling a group of pumps for controlling pumps in cascading mode in order to maintain a given pressure in the water supply system;
  • control controller in case of necessity to implement more complex control functions (change of pumps according to a schedule, ensuring uniform MTBF of each of the pumps, etc.).

Control panels and complexes for technological processes

Horizontal color image of large group of automated injection moulding machines for plastic parts production.
Process control panels include:
  • control controllers, input / output modules and power electrical equipment for controlling all kinds of technological processes according to the customer's algorithm (processing lines at food enterprises, equipment for dairies, washing lines, bottling drinks, labeling, packaging of finished products, etc.);
  • visualization and dispatching systems

Data collection boards

In some cases, the customer requires the collection of data from existing and / or new equipment (for example, technical and commercial accounting systems). The implemented system in this case consists of:
  • data collection board (s);
  • data collection controllers, in case intermediate analysis and / or intermediate archiving is required;
  • communication equipment, including wireless, as well as communication lines.



When assembling automation panels, the Ksimex Concern uses components from leading European manufacturers: Schneider Electric, Siemens, Weidmuller.

Qualification of specialists

Leading specialists undergo regular training at the European training centers for the assembly of panel equipment


Component and Wire Marking

We understand how important it is to quickly find the necessary assemblies, components and wires for performing regular maintenance, as well as responding to emergency situations, therefore we pay special attention to marking.

We use specialized equipment. During installation, differentiation of wires by color is used according to the voltage level (24VDC, 24VAC, 220VDC) and functional purpose (discrete or analog control signals, control circuits with external power supply, etc.).


Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility

Having extensive experience in installation and commissioning works, we “not by hearsay” know how much commissioning time can be “taken away” by neglect of such an issue as ensuring electromagnetic compatibility and minimizing the level of interference.

All the necessary circuitry and design measures are used in our shields to resolve these issues.


Technical control

Department of Quality Control Department, which checks absolutely all products manufactured by the electrical installation site.

Each product is tested for compliance with the technical characteristics of the passport data. Products are completed with operational documentation and warranty documents.


Operational documentation

Operational documentation with which the products are completed is carried out in full in compliance with all norms and standards.

Diagrams, external views of control cabinets, operating manuals and other documents required for operation can be executed in three languages


SCADA systems and operator panels

Controls and indications, interfaces of graphic panels are made taking into account all the features of the technological process for the most comfortable interaction of the operator with the automatic control system. The operator-control system interface, in addition to the convenience of controlling the technical process, includes tips for the operator’s work, warnings and recommendations for eliminating emergency situations.