Panels with frequency converters are low-voltage complete devices designed to control the speed of rotation of three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a power of 0.18 to 630 kW by changing the frequency and amplitude of the supply voltage. They are used for the purpose of automation, increasing energy efficiency, increasing the service life of mechanical and electrical parts of equipment, and reducing accidents.

Panels with frequency converters are used:

  • At housing and communal facilities;
  • In the water supply and heat supply systems of residential, administrative and industrial buildings;
  • In fire extinguishing systems;
  • In systems of ensuring production and technological processes in the chemical and oil industry;
  • In heating systems with steam boilers;
  • In transport equipment, packaging machines, lifting and transport equipment;
  • In special mechanisms, pumps, fans, compressors, etc.


The main functions and features of these panels are:

  • Start / stop and adjustment of the frequency of rotation of the electric motor shaft from the inverter;
  • Direct start / stop of the electric motor from the mains (option);
  • Indication of operation and failure of the engine and inverter;
  • Push-button switches for starting / stopping the electric motor and the frequency regulator on the front panel of the cabinet (option);
  • Protection of the electric motor and inverter against short-circuit currents and long-term overloads;
  • Energy saving, quadratic law on 2 or 5 points;
  • Braking sequence;
  • Speed ​​control with feedback from a tachogenerator or pulse sensor;
  • Work in "faster-slower" mode;
  • Linear, S- and U-shaped acceleration-deceleration curves;
  • Operation in step-by-step mode (JOG);
  • Automatic pickup with the search for the desired speed and restart;
  • Adaptation of the current limit depending on the speed;
  • Damping of noise and resonance by changing the switching frequency and random modulation;
  • Preset speeds;
  • Automatic limitation of working time at lower speed;
  • Transmission and reception of telemetry information using the RS485 interface;
  • Input three-phase choke for the frequency converter (option);
  • Input EMC filter for the frequency converter (option);
  • Protection against phase imbalance, phase failure (option);
  • Maintaining the operating temperature inside the cabinet using forced ventilation and heating;
  • Cabinet with powder coating and step protection IP54 (IP30).
The control panels are equipped with frequency converters (VSD) of the Altivar family (“Schneider Electric”). These converters embody the latest technologies and meet the most stringent requirements of applications in the industrial and commercial sectors thanks to the use of various motor control laws and numerous functional capabilities. Altivar series variable speed drives meet the norms and standards of UL, CSA, DNV, C-Tick, NOM 117, DSTU and have the CE marking of compliance with the low voltage directives (73/23 / CEE) and EMC standards (89/336 / CEE).


Soft starters panels are low-voltage complete devices designed to ensure smooth start and stop of three-phase asynchronous motors with a short-circuited rotor power from 4.0 to 630 kW. Their main task is to reduce the starting currents of the motor. This allows to reduce the energy consumption from the network, avoiding voltage drops and overheating motor winding insulation, which can increase the inter-turn short circuit. Also, the motor is protected from mechanical damage that occurs when the moment of load on the shaft is suddenly overcome.

Control panels are used:

  • In systems with pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, centrifuges, mixers, crushers, stringers and circular saws, importantly driven and inertial mechanisms,
  • In sanding, metal and woodworking benches,
  • For machines and mechanisms with passing, lancet and other types of transmissions, gearboxes and other attachments.
The panels use Altistart series soft starters manufactured by Schneider Electric. Altistart family soft start and stop devices allow increasing the reliability and service life of equipment, as well as reducing the amount of work in the production of mechanical and electrical breakdowns of asynchronous electric motors. Take full advantages of Altistart soft starters: the best value for money on the market, compactness with high functionality, user-friendly interface, simple menu, full set of protections and easy diagnostics.


The main functions and features of these panels are:

  • Soft start and stop of the electric motor at the required pace to a constant speed;
  • Electric motor protection against long-term overloads;
  • The soft starter and electric motor protection from short-circuit currents using the circuit breaker;
  • The motor starting current limitation;
  • Reversing the direction of rotation of the electric motor shaft;
  • Motor moment boosting during acceleration and deceleration;
  • Status indication on the cabinet front panel;
  • Display of electrical parameters, load status and operating time;
  • Possibility of shunting the device using a bypass contactor at the end of the start-up with saving electronic protection ("bypass" function);
  • Ability to transmit and receive telemetric information;
  • Motor protection against phase imbalance, phase failure, overheating;
  • Prevention of unacceptable voltage drops in the supply network during start-up;
  • Reduction of dynamic loads on the engine bearings and in the kinematics of mechanisms working with this engine;
  • Improving the stability of power systems by reducing power surges in the network;
  • Start time control;
  • Motor preheating;
  • Underload and overload protection in steady state.


Equipment for the production of panels is used in accordance with the Customer`s requirements. The panels have a metal case with a degree of protection up to IP54 (IP30). The panels are supplied assembled, pre-configured and tested at the factory. Panels are produced in accordance with GOST 22789-94.


Frequency converters and soft starters can be part of the overall control system for electric drives of complex technological processes and be integrated into a common motor control board (MCC board).


We offer our customers not only the assembly and supply of motor control panels with soft starter and frequency converters, but we also develop complex projects and control systems for electric drive