A diesel power plant (hereinafter referred to as DE), in the overwhelming majority of cases, is used for the temporary supply of electrical energy to an object or its “vital” part. Continuous supply is especially important for hospitals, data centers, banks and other facilities that can suffer significant damage to their operations even due to a short power outage.
Basically, the chain of high-quality and guaranteed power supply using DE is as follows:
This is the main source of electricity for an object or a single electrical installation. Depending on the category of the object, there may be more than one power line.
This is a backup power source that is activated when the main power supply is partially or completely lost. Depending on the tasks set, this installation can take both the full load of the entire object, and a separate part of it, the most important and responsible. Combinations of several installations included in parallel or in separate groups are possible.
This type of device is necessary for consumers who, due to their importance and responsibility, cannot be de-energized even for the slightest period of time.

Within these points, the key factors for determining the type and type of uninterrupted supply are:


– The quality of the electricity received from the network. To a greater extent, it depends on the power supply scheme of the facility, the correct choice of protective equipment and the construct (its reliability) in which this protective equipment is installed.
– Guarantee of uninterrupted operation in case of short-term disappearances of the main power supply network, the UPS equipment is fully responsible for this.
– Autonomy, independence and reliability in obtaining electricity always and regardless of external (not dependent on the consumer) factors. This is the area of ​​problems that diesel power plants solve.


A diesel power plant has, at first glance, a simple device and consists of an internal combustion engine and an electric generator itself. These two main units are interconnected in one whole device by means of a shaft with or without the possibility of “breaking”. However, an important role in this combination is played by the so-called “strapping” of this system, i.e. all the mechanical, electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems that enable these two main components to operate economically, environmentally, reliably and lastingly.
Modern complexes of this type can be equipped with a number of additional options, which largely allow the consumer to minimize their efforts and resources associated with the maintenance and preventive maintenance of these installations. Such complexes are able to:
  • independently keep records of the resource of the installation;
  • timely inform about the upcoming maintenance;
  • automatically provide reports to companies that operate or maintain these power plants;
  • remotely reconfigure the control system;
  • independently and in a timely manner to inform the maintenance personnel to eliminate the detected or carry out scheduled maintenance.

Our company offers exclusively proven and reliable brands, which, together with our production product, will provide maximum comfort, reliability and safety for the entire electrical issue at the facility. You no longer need to worry about potential accidents, temporary production interruptions or wasted time during vital decisions related to partial or complete blackout of your facility.

In the future, you will be able to afford to focus exclusively on your core business, and power supply issues will no longer bother you.

The entire list of offered diesel power plants has been verified by many years of operating experience, service, reliability of operation and the main factor for all electrical installations is the quality of the output voltage, its stability and speed of response to dramatically changing characteristics of energy consumption.

Another key feature when choosing a DE is the characteristics of the power supply system, within which it will operate. Experience has shown that the quality of some generating sets has very unpredictable or non-uniform repeatability parameters for stop / start cycles.


As a result of the installation of such stations, the equipment that is designed for accurate protection, control and management of guaranteed power supply systems identifies these low-quality starts as emergency or not meeting the required power quality and, accordingly, does not allow such a generator to be put into operation under load.

For this type of power plant, less sensitive control equipment has to be used, which would allow the passage of the “garbage” that the generator begins to supply to the network during the first seconds of start-up. We do not offer this type of generator set in our solutions, however, we have to accept it in cases of existing power supply systems.


Also, the cheapness and savings on quality equipment, in this link of the common chain, always leads to cost overruns and increases in costs at the next stage of guaranteed power supply. Failure or premature “depletion” of the UPS resources, frequent activation of the bypass system or activation of battery operation reduce the reliability of the latter, which is fraught with unplanned or premature investment in the repair and maintenance of this expensive equipment. Further along the chain, the reliability and operation of the consumer’s electrical installation itself follows. Frequent surges and interference from such an unstable network can not very positively play in favor of the longevity and reliability of technological production, comfort and safety.

Therefore, the company Concern Ksimex guarantees the quality and compliance with the requirements of the supplied diesel power plants, relying on our many years of experience and the experience of our partners.