Integrated metering of energy resources provides a global automated system that collects data from all primary metering devices: electricity, water, heating and gas. Information from metering devices flows to the data collection devices and is transmitted to the server, where it is processed. The result is a comprehensive picture of energy consumption and a significant amount of analytical information needed to optimize the performance of building systems throughout their lifetime.
Main advantages for various types of objects:

Residential complexes

Convenience for the operating company. It is not required to maintain a staff of controllers to carry out a monthly bypass of subscribers. Everything happens automatically: from reading meter readings to generating invoices. In addition, there is the possibility of remote shutdown of the consumer.


Allows you to calculate the share of energy resources in the cost of production and revice balances, which leads to optimization of energy consumption and a decrease in the opportunities for theft by personnel.



Retail (retail bussineses, for example: “Tavria V”, “Auchan”)

Allows you to remotely monitor the parameters of each store from the head office, quickly accumulate data for analytics and optimize costs. In particular, the data in the Auchan stores from different countries are immediately sent to the head office in France.

We provide similar, fully integrated building energy management solutions that provide comprehensive, real-time information about energy performance and key consumer performance.


Key functions of the accounting system:
  • control and analysis of energy consumption;
  • ability to plan energy costs, evaluate costs, planned and actual savings, payback and payback periods of capital investments;
  • ability to warn in advance about approaching the allowed limit;
  • increasing the reliability of the operation of technological equipment by informing operators and, as a result, prompt response to emergency situations;
  • monitoring mechanical parameters and environmental conditions based on historical and current data, in order to provide predictive maintenance and extend the life of assets;
  • improving the technological discipline of operational personnel by recording the actions of operators and dispatchers;
  • simplification of data archiving by creating an electronic copy, as well as automatic compilation of easily configurable reports;
  • providing senior and middle-level managers with tools and the necessary information for timely and correct decision-making;
  • ability to plan work in conditions of peak loads.
The system has the following features:
  • display on the operator's PC screens of the current state of energy consumption (electricity, steam, gas, hot and cold water, air supply system);
  • visualization of the equipment state as mnemonic diagrams, graphs and tables;
  • warning the operator in case of exceeding (decreasing) consumption below the permitted value or other emergency situations;
  • data archiving;
  • providing information to staff as reports and charts for various periods of time;
  • organization of work with the system for users with different levels of access.


To build an energy accounting system, Ksimex uses software from leading European manufacturers Siemens, Schneider Electric, which has proven itself only from the best sides in the field of building automation systems.

Powerful visualization tools and functionalities allow you to create easy-to-use dispatching systems, allowing operators to fully control of the technological process and quickly respond to deviations in it, which ultimately increases the efficiency of the technological process and the quality of products.

We offer both commercial and technical electricity metering and provide a full range of services:

  • development of project documentation for all design stages;
  • supply of equipment and its programming;
  • installation and commissioning;
  • warranty and service.