Dispatching of engineering systems and technological equipment is a continuous monitoring of the operating parameters of technological equipment, which combines wide possibilities of visualization, archival and reporting documentation, as well as functions of remote control of technological processes.


Dispatching is applicable to any technological systems (control of production processes and processing lines) that can be controlled automatically.

Systems developed and launched by Concern Ksimex successfully operate at such industrial facilities as:

  • grain elevators,
  • oil extraction plants,
  • dairies,
  • oil producing stations,
  • transfer stations for ore, coal, etc.


SDADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition 

The experience of implementing SCADA systems by our company suggests that the tendency for their installation is ubiquitous and unambiguously positive. This is primarily due to the wide functionality that allows you to:
  • reduce the cost of maintaining service personnel;
  • to reduce the likelihood of technological process failures and long downtime, due to the timely warning of the operator about undesirable changes during the operation of the equipment, and as a result, prompt response to emergency situations;
  • maintain an archive of data and carry out effective analysis of information using automatically generated reports on equipment performance, energy consumption and materials for a specified period of time;
  • provide information to staff and management in the form of reports and charts for different periods of time;
  • organize work with the system for users with different access levels (operator, technologist, shift foreman, technical director, general director, etc.);
  • receive operational information (charts, reports, warnings) from almost any device (tablet, phone, laptop);
  • to improve the technological discipline of operating personnel by logging the actions of operators and dispatchers;
  • provide managers of high and middle levels with tools and the necessary information about the efficiency of the equipment.
Separately, it is necessary to mention the possibility of “communication with other systems”. It is not uncommon for an entire plant in production (a shop, a continuous production line, from the receipt of the product, its processing to the output of finished products) to be built at different times and by different organizations. This leads to the use of excellent and potentially incompatible hardware and software. However, each of these systems (nodes) must correctly report its state and give control commands to other systems: readiness, failure, unavailability to issue a product, permission or blocking of work for other lines and other functions.


Concern Ksimex solves not only the tasks of implementing SCADA systems, but can also upgrade the customer’s existing SCADA system with other additional screens and modules, which will reduce the financial part of the project in comparison with a full-fledged development of a new visualization system.
We have successfully implemented complete solutions of SCADA systems for enterprises such as: “ADM. Illichivsk “,” Kernel. KirovogradOliya “,” InterChem “and others. At all enterprises, after the implementation of dispatching systems, Customers note:
  • unambiguous increase in work efficiency due to constant access to up-to-date data of the technological process;
  • reduction of downtime due to timely informing of operators about undesirable changes in the course of the technological process;
  • increasing the "transparency" of the process, due to the archiving of all process events (changes in parameters, actions of operators, etc.) with the possibility of further analysis and generation of reports.

Dispatching system of technical process of ODO “Interchem”

The dispatching system of the technological process of the grain elevator “Service Grain” (Artsyz)

We carry out:


A full range of works on development, design, programming and commissioning of automation and dispatching systems at the customer’s facility and implements its turnkey projects. We implement various automation and dispatching systems: from simple to complex multicomponent systems, interconnected into a single network and covering the entire infrastructure of the enterprise.

For the implementation of projects are used:


Components and software products from leading European manufacturers (Siemens, Schnedier Electric, Weidmuller), which allows us to speak of the reliability and trouble-free operation of the entire system as a whole for a long time.

We use an individual approach to each customer, take into account all his requirements and adapt the system as much as possible for each specific industrial facility.
Types of designed systems:
  • local automation systems (production lines and workshops)
  • multilevel geographically distributed APCS (factories and geographically dispersed subdivisions)

The type of system being created (local or multi-level distributed) depends on the level of complexity of the automation object and the needs of the Customer, and is mainly determined by the number and range of technological equipment, the infrastructure of the facility, the required level of control and management.


Local control systems are used to automate small, functionally complete technological objects.


APCS of complex objects are created according to a multilevel hierarchical principle. At the same time, several control stations are installed at technological facilities, which are combined into a local information and computer network.