Together to victory!

The date of February 24, 2022, will forever remain in the memory of every resident of Ukraine as a day of fear, pain, and uncertainty in the future.

But already in the first days of the war, thousands of companies in Ukraine joined in providing our army and providing humanitarian assistance to the affected people.

Being an electrotechnical company with a certain warehouse resource, we managed to transfer the warehouse stocks of elite mobile lighting devices by Schneider Electric for the army and territorial defense of Odessa.

Also, the management of the Ksimex group decided to donate part of the company’s 2021 profit to Fund the Armed Forces of Ukraine Assistance and funds providing humanitarian assistance to internally displaced persons and affected compatriots.

The war forced many companies to slow down the usual business rhythm of activity, and some to suspend work as a whole.

Our company resumed work in the direction of distribution in April. With a sufficient warehouse of electrical products, we can take orders and ship products from our warehouse. Thanks to the resumed work of Schneider Electric Ukraine, Rittal, and several cable companies, we can import the necessary products from the EU countries.

In addition, our company accepts orders for the calculation and manufacture of low-voltage complete products (0.4 kV), with the possibility of delivery to most regions of Ukraine.

Our team is making every possible effort to restore the infrastructure of our country, protect our beloved Odesa, help the affected people, and bring our Victory closer because we believe – “ALL WILL BE UKRAINE!”.


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