The re-equipment of TP No. 2 “Yugtsment” PJSC “Dykerhoff Cement Ukraine” has been completed

The final was reached by the re-equipment of transformer substation No. 2 from the Yugtsment branch of PRAT Dikerhoff Cement Ukraine.
We have completed the following works on this site:
  • renovation of the transformer substation, dismantling of existing equipment;
  • organization of a ventilation and heating system, auxiliary networks, installation of internal and external ground loops, working and emergency lighting;
  • production and installation of new 0.4 kV switchboards based on Schneider Electric equipment;
  • installation of cable routes across the territory of the enterprise using OBO Betermann solutions;
  • installation of cables, connection of switchboards, equipment;
  • commissioning, start-up of equipment.
As a result, plus one modernized unit as part of the client’s infrastructure. Transformer substations are the most important element of the power supply network. Over the past 70 years, the “look” of substations has fundamentally changed: there are new requirements for operation, for high factory readiness with digital devices, for saving electricity during its transmission due to transformation from one voltage class to another. Accordingly, the market for transformer substations is extremely competitive. But the feedback from our customers confirms that we are moving in the right direction and are bringing the right message about the quality of products and work to the market.

“Yes, indeed, we can boldly declare our main advantages: effective management of operating costs through vertical integration, diversification, that is, our ability to instantly reorient and strengthen the necessary actively developing areas, a professional team capable of performing a wide range of complex technical tasks.”

- comments Valentin Lazarchuk, CEO of Concern Ksimex LLC.
Upon completion of the project, we understand our readiness for new challenges and opportunities!


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