“Smart House”
– is an intelligent control system for your house or apartment..
In general, the task of “Smart Home” is sufficient comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home.


Smart HOUSE can control:
  • Microclimate;
  • Lighting;
  • Security;
  • Power supply;
  • Curtains / blinds;
  • Multiroom.
Main advantages:

reduction in operating costs

for the use of resources

(electricity, water, gas)

simple and easy control

all functions in the house

from panels, gadgets

a simple change of control functions        

according to new needs    

and the requirements of the inhabitants of the house


            comprehensive home protection

       and its inhabitants from penetration,

flood, fire

How is it managed?

It is possible to control all engineering systems in the house with the help of a “universal control panel”. It can be any gadget – tablet, smartphone, or any other suitable device. The control system is designed for the most convenient and intuitive operation. One touch to the screen and lights, music, or air conditioning is turned on. For example, the controls can be configured so that one button closes the curtains, turns off the lights, and locks the door.


We implement the “Smart Home” system on equipment that supports an open protocol: KNX. Thus, we use equipment from many manufacturers, and it works correctly with each other. Thanks to this, we use equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers: Schneider Electric, ABB, Zennio and others.

Of course, we approach each client individually. Therefore, we have something to offer to those clients who wish to modernize their homes without renovation, receiving the same modern level of comfort. To do this, we use wireless technologies, which have the following advantages:

  • wireless switches or sensors can be installed anywhere on any surface;
  • no need to spend money and time on laying wires and renovating an apartment;
  • the ability to cover those areas that cannot be covered by wired connections.
We provide a full range of services in this area, namely:
  • development and creation of technical specifications together with the Customer;
  • development of design documentation for all stages of design;
  • delivery of software, equipment and its programming;
  • installation and commissioning works;
  • warranty and service.
Our approach is a comprehensive solution to the management of your home!