Our electrical laboratory service range`s expansion

From February 21, 2020 Ximex electrical laboratory expanded its scope of activities and received a permit to perform high-risk work: testing equipment with voltages above 1000V (electrical equipment of power plants and networks, technological electrical equipment.) We can now offer our customers a range of testing services.

Comprehensive testing of a transformer substation, a complete transformer substation, a complete switchgear for outdoor installation, which includes the following types of tests:

  • High-voltage testing of switchgear with power frequency voltage. Switchgear 6(10) / 0.4 kV are tested - support, bushing insulators, current transformers, vacuum circuit breakers, disconnectors and other equipment according to the manufacturer's standards and the rules for electrical installations;
  • Comprehensive testing of a power transformer 6(10)/0.4 kV, determination of the winding connection group of three-phase transformers and the polarity of the outputs of single-phase transformers, measurement of the resistance of transformer windings to direct current, measurement of current and short circuit losses;
  • Testing of a high-voltage cable line feeding the transformer;
  • Adjustment of relay protection and automation devices, which includes checking secondary protection, control and signaling circuits, automatic circuit breakers, high-voltage circuit breaker control circuits, power transformer protection, automatic reserve switching circuits, etc.

Carrying out electrical tests of protective equipment:

  • Dielectric gloves
  • Dielectric boots and galoshes
  • Hand isolating tool
  • Insulating and measuring rods
  • Insulating and measuring pliers
  • Voltage indicators
  • Voltage indicators for phasing


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